Lawn Care Services

Coming home to a perfectly manicured lawn is something that makes you feel good all over. Walking barefoot through thick green grass under your feet and smelling fresh cut grass really adds to the enjoyment that a lawn can offer.  However making your yard look immaculate by yourself can be somewhat challenging and takes a lot of effort. 

That is why the team at Southern Landscapes is the perfect choice for providing the best lawn care service plan for your residential or commercial property. We offer the perfect blend of professionalism and know-how that will keep your lawn looking beautiful year round. 

Each and every lawn that is under our care receives detailed attention to ensure that our customers have pride in the way their property looks. Our team understands that all lawns are different and therefore each one needs the right care plan to make it stand out from the rest. Before we begin, we will meet with you to discuss your plans and goals for your property as well as help you decide which lawn care approach will work best for you.

Lawn Care Services Available


We use only the highest quality mowers in our service and make sure that our mowing blades are kept sharp to give your grass the perfect cut. We also bag the leftover grass clippings to ensure that your lawn looks immaculate.

Stream Trimming (Weed Eating)

Stream trimming the right way takes practice and our team at Southern Landscapes will assure you that it will be done right. We make sure that every part of your lawn is trimmed to perfection to give it the look it deserves.


Edging is the perfect way to add that extra pop of elegance to your property that will make your lawn a cut above the rest. We will edge your sidewalks, driveways and more to provide that extra bit of detail to your property that will improve your curb appeal.


Keeping your yard, driveway, patio, and walkways clean of debris is essential for a great lawn and we will make sure that it is done right.

Shrub and Plant Care*

We work hard to ensure that your shrubs and plants are trimmed and looking healthy and happy. We make certain that every plant and shrub on your property receives meticulous care so that your property outshines the others.

Tree Trimming*

Keeping your trees trimmed up really makes a difference and Southern Landscapes really knows how to do it right. Our team of experts will make sure that your trees look spectacular all year round. Tree Trimming only available for trees no taller than 7.5 feet.

*These services are included in our premium lawn care service package only.

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